This is my blog about living in the UK in the early twenty-first century, especially in view of what’s going on in education, digital media and wider culture.

Please explore my blog by using the list of contents on the right.  You will find short features and poems, most giving a view on contemporary life, personal and/or political.  Several of them include a Soundcloud recording – just click on the Soundcloud arrow to hear me speak the post.  Please feel free to ‘like’ a post and to leave a comment.  You can follow the blog by clicking on the flag which can usually be found towards the bottom of the screen, on the right hand side.

2 thoughts on “About

  1. I happened across your blog via a comment you made on a blog I follow. I like what I see, and look forward to reading more. Love your early film work. What talent at so early an age, and how reminiscent of my growing up!


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