November moon


The moon comes up trumps

on fourteenth November, determined to outshine

the golden hair of political aspirants.   Man, dress’d in brief authority,

performs fantastic tricks; will May set sail from Europe

on fearful course of political expediency?

Urbane discourse becomes the trolls of social media,

Faraging in their own back yard. And yet the moon

controls the ebb and flow of human fate,

And when the new world order’s long since gone

she will arise to light the ember’d earth.

3 thoughts on “November moon

  1. Dear John, This I really love! I was in Alnmouth at the Friary on Retreat when the Super Moon rose, a wonderful place to view it! How well you have interwoven politics with the natural cycle. And, that name “Trump” !!!!! maybe nature will throw up a hurricane or two or perhaps a “deep freeze” in New York. seeyou before too long Pax et Bonum Love Rita

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