Boris’ birthday 19 June

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Happy birthday to me!

I deserve a day free

From bombasting the business of office;

Not working from home

I’ll chaotically roam

With my mates round the acres of Chequers!

I deserve a short break

From keeping awake

During briefings of damning news stories;

My true personage

Strides on the world stage

Restoring our national glory.

I provided a bus

So those poorer than us

Have somewhere to go and keep warm;

Commended Nazanin’s

Endurance in prison

Forgetting that I caused her harm.

My incurable cheek

Allows me to speak

My truth while inventing a story;

For I wasn’t schooled

In keeping to rules

Being born a blue-blooded Tory!

Thanks to Lorna Smith and Bristol Teachers as Writers, May 2022